Friday, June 15, 2012

Maggie's Memory Quilt

Last month I wrote a bit about making a memory quilt for one of my students who graduated just a few days later.  She showed her tee shirt quilt to a friend, Maggie, and within a few days I had more tee shirts to cut and sew.  Maggie's quilt is now finished.  In fact, I just put the binding on it this afternoon.  

Like I did with Lindsey's quilt, I found a place to add in Maggie's initials.  I want these quilts to be a little more than just a quilt made from their tee shirts.  

Originally I had planned to sash it in red, but after auditioning several reds, I decided to use the black.  A red that worked with one tee looked orange next to a different tee and had purple undertones next to a third tee.  Since there are four red shirts and one that is almost an orange, I decided that we needed some thing much more neutral.  The black works well, don't you think?

After finishing the binding, I raced outside to snap a few pics before the rain started.  I just made it!  It's pouring right now, which we're thrilled about, despite the sweltering humidity.

Back to the photo shoot, the camera is giving me trouble again.  I'm going to have to return it.  I really think this has more issues than just "operator challenges."  I've read the paperwork and there is nothing about when the picture is split like this.  And notice how the bottom is washed out.  The truer colors are always on the top section.

My assumption is that it's not supposed to happen, otherwise the info would tell me how to make it stop happening, right?

Worse is that some of the photos get split and when they're stitched back together, they are off kilter.  Take a look at the close up  of the panel with Maggie's initials.  Notice how the word "Bunkie" is broken up so that the letters don't match above and below the split?  That's it.  I promise I did not do that.

That noted, I'll have to call the company and find out what I can do for the return. It's not a terribly expensive camera (as cameras go) but $300 for something that doesn't work correctly is a terribly big expense.  Nikon will just have to make it right.

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daydreamsdustbunnies said...

What a wonderful idea!! Love it!