Friday, June 29, 2012

Red, White and Blue Winner!

Finally my internet is back up!  It's been down since yesterday, and I've spent way too much time checking on whether it's working.  It's sad that I'm so lost without it!
Are you interested in finding out who won?  Yay! for Lindsey who left the following on the 22nd:

following your blog! Love to celebrate the 4th with a casual bbq. :) on Red, White and Blue Giveaway!

And, of course, thanks to everyone who entered.  I was a bit worried that I would get only the two or three who entered on the first day.  It turns out that Lindsey didn't have much competition in the end, only about 24 or so folks signed up, but oh well...   

As soon as Lindsey answers my email and sends her address, I'll get these fabric squares out to her.  

Of course, I used to choose a number for me.  But there's a random issue with that: I can not figure out what to do to show a picture of the number.  I'll have to spend some more time trying to figure that out before the next giveaway.  It didn't seem so difficult when I did it before, or maybe it's the heat. At 100 degree temps, we're blaming the heat for everything, including what the grandchildren call a "brain drain," when your brain drains out and there's nothing left to function.  We're getting lots of that lately.  

Thanks again for playing along, I'm going back to the wonderful air conditioning in the studio to finish up a fun project.
Happy Quilting,

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