Monday, July 2, 2012

Hey Doll!

Although I've spent the better part of the week fighting a miserable summer cough, I have managed to drag myself into the studio for a few hours.  On Friday, I came out with this little sweetie.

Then Saturday I went back to make a second one.  We've decided that they are sisters, but we haven't named them yet.  Marley was going to name the first one China, but she got a new teddy bear yesterday and took the name back.  When you're two years old, grandmas allow that.  So we're thinking of girl names, but haven't made any final decisions.  

Making the dolls was fun, so I'm tempted to maybe make another after I pick up some yarn for a different hair color--brown, black, or red.  Or maybe all three!

If you haven't made toys for your children or grandchildren, you definitely should give it a whirl.  

1 comment:

jenclair said...

Sweet dollies!

Hope you are feeling better--you need to be able to fully enjoy your summer break!