Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheery Cherry Red

When my bloggy friend, Jan-Maree, of Cherry Red Quilter fame, wrote about her friend Marg sending some sewn goodies for the Irish Charity Bazaar, I decided to help out, too.  I really had no idea what to send but decided early on that I needed to keep it small so that I could swing the postage to Australia.  Small items are easy if you choose things for little children, so I decided to go with as many children's items as I could stuff into a box.

I started with really small fleece mittens.

Added some felt scarves with winter themes for dress-up fun.

And tossed in a pile of microfiber bibs.

I think there were a few other items.....maybe some book covers or coin purses, but I didn't get photos of those.  Sorry.

Since Rich wasn't home to add some tape, I put a few extra strips on for him.  He loves to joke that he's the Fleur de Lis shipping and receiving man and knows his job better than I do.  I tend to be conservative with the office supplies.  But I was generous since this little box has to make it all the way to Australia, and I don't want anything spilling out!

Sending Jan-Maree an email about the box was the best part.  Of course we haven't met in person, but we email often and read each other's blogs, so I feel like I sort of know her and send her short, silly emails about very little--you know, my usual.   The box email was like that but with a tiny bit of seriousness and gratitude for her many charitable works.  She shot back a thank you note in no time at all, which is typical Jan-Maree.  She answers every comment and note right away, yet manages the Aussie Hero Quilts among other good works, including making many of the quilts that go to service men and women.  I can't imagine the energy she has!  I just hope that one little box finds its way to her and helps in little ways.

Who do you know that is an angel in disguise?  How much energy do you think it takes to be such an angel? 
Happy quilting,

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Jan Maree said...

Aw thank you Mary. You said so many nice things. You made me a little teary. Thank you for your kindness!