Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ruston fabrics

I've been working on a gray quilt for the last couple of weeks, so while we were in Ruston, we went to The Fabric Shop, which is right in the center of town.  While there, I picked up three pieces of gray fabric to use in my current quilt.  Of course, I also picked up a few other items.  Aren't we supposed to support the economy?  
Seriously, though, this gray fabric is really beautiful....even without a good pressing.  Sorry about that, I was ready to start cutting and remembered to snap a pic just before the scissors got to work.  In fact, you can't see it, but the pattern is pinned to the fabric!  I so wanted to cut!

How pretty it is happens to be only part of the reason I bought it.  The real reason is that while I bought three pieces of fabric, I actually got six!  6!  This fabric is a marbled gray that has four different shades. The yardage is divided into four sections, each a bit darker than the one next to it.  A bold black line separates the sections.  It is absolutely stunning.  I wish I could take a photo that would do it justice.

Today I cut into the marbled print and tomorrow I'll cut into the other two pieces--one is a marbled polka dot and the other is a solid.  I'm really excited because there are 56 blocks in the quilt and I'm over half way there.  In fact, I have 35 blocks complete and I've started on the next set of five. 

I'd love to show you what the quilt looks like, but it's for a particular project that I'm supposed to keep under wraps for a while.  That's pretty hard for any blogger, but especially for me!  So I'm going to wish you a happy Monday and say thanks for visiting.  Otherwise, I'll start talking about my gray quilt.
Happy quilting,

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