Sunday, July 8, 2012

Biloxi and back

Thirty-four years ago, Richard and I shared vows in front of family and friends, enjoyed a reception that our parents put together for us, then went on a wedding trip to Biloxi Beach.  
Since we are celebrating this weekend, we decided to make a foolish trip to Biloxi.  I say foolish because we've done this before the three hours to the beach only to find that there are no hotel rooms available. The July 4th holiday always seems to extend into the weekend and apparently everyone wants to be on the beach for the big Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks.  

As I said, we've done this before, but Rich just doesn't get it.  He hates to commit to a hotel, for no reason in particular.  He just does.  So off we go, flying under the radar with no accommodations. I don't know why I go along with it, but I do.  Every time.  Oh, I make excuses and I try to convince him, but he's so romantic and there's something about his big spontaneous gestures.  

So off we went, and back we came!  It's rather funny because although we spent hours and hours in the car (the three hour trip became a 10 hour trek) we spent all of 10 minutes walking on the beach and were home by midnight.  However, we really enjoyed the road trip.  We were able to talk and catch up with each other, to make plans and share dreams, and laugh together at our own foolishness.  

Really, we enjoyed our "visit" in Biloxi.  The beach, these beautiful sculptures by Marlin Miller, the lighthouses and marina--all of it brings back sweet memories and helps to renew our love.  After 34 years, it's just so easy to love the guy, even when he insists on making foolish, romantic gestures.  I wouldn't want to spend our day any other way.

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Jan-Maree said...

I think that is gorgeous. Not sure I would welcome 10hours in the car though!