Sunday, July 29, 2012

Congratulations Laura!

Laura Kliethermes Photography via Paragon Casino Resort FB page
Do you remember this photo?  Or rather some similar to it?  I wrote about a swamp tour I took in June with some of my sisters.  Laura, who now lives in Tennessee had come for a visit with her two daughters and we planned a day tour in South Louisiana.  A photographer, Laura had her huge camera and a couple of lens and big plans.  She must have snapped hundreds of photos in the two hours that we were on the water.  I have to admit, however, that she got some great photos.  The one above happens to be one of my favorites.  

Paragon Casino Resor--Facebook page
When Laura found out that Paragon Casino, which is just 20 or so miles away in Marksville, was having a Bon Temps (French for "good times") Photo Contest about any scene in Louisiana, she entered this photo.  Photos from the Top 10 winners are on their Facebook page here.

Congratulations are definitely in order: not only did the photo make the TOP 10, but it is also the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!  

Definitely worth something, right?  Turns out that something is dinner for two and an overnight stay at the resort.  

Laura Kliethermes Photography
As you can tell, I'm really excited for her.  She's a great photographer, so I'm really appreciative that she offers to photograph my quilts, especially considering my sad attempts.  In fact when she comes for a visit, she wanders around the yard and fields snapping away.  

Laura Kliethermes Photography
She snaps photos of the most unphotogenic things--my chickens, for example--and makes them look terrific.  Stuff that I would not even consider for a picture are in the thousands and thousands of pics on her computer. 

Laura Kliethermes Photography

I guess art is seeing something different in the ordinary when the rest of us just see the ordinary.  At least I'm now convinced that is the definition, which means Laura is a true artist.

If you leave her a message in the comments, I'll make sure she sees them.  I'm sure she would love to know what you think of the post, the photos or the kudos.

Happy quilting (and photographing)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your sister, Mary! She is a great photographer. I love the kitten photo. Does she have a website? Elaine