Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinterest interest

I guess I should start with an admission: I'm kinda hooked on Pinterest.  Not hooked like I go there several times a day, more like I go there at least a couple times a week.  But there it is...I am hooked.  

Hooked like I have 39 boards.  One is this board on forgotten places that are falling apart but are so hauntingly beautiful.

Hooked like I have well over 700 pins.  

But then what kind of librarian would I be if I didn't have a board with pins of public libraries from around the world.  I'm not going to see every beautiful library in every city, but we can check out many of them by looking at this one board.  Why not take advantage of the work that so many people have already done?  Besides, look at the beauty and the books!

And if one is going to pin photos of public libraries, why not go the extra step and recommend a few of those books?  

So I got hooked on pinning books.  I was going with classics, but I couldn't leave out my favorite young adult authors, I am a high school librarian, after all.  So, there's Shakespeare right next to Jodi Picoult.  

Except that I haven't put them in alphabetical order.  I considered it, mind you, but I thought perhaps that's going a little too far.  Possibly not, but once I alphabetize I'd have to keep it up, and that (trust me, I know this for certain) would take way more time than I can afford.

Books need bookmarks, so there's a bookmark board.  And books don't just sit on the floor, so there's a shelf board.  But then I decided that I do have more in my life than just work.  So I thought of other ways to use Pinterest.

Then I realized that I quilt.

And I sew.  

And I play with other crafts. 

So, I needed a board or two on sewing/quilting/crafts.  I ended up with 16, so far.  I won't list them all, but you get the idea that maybe I am a little obsessed with pinning crafts.  

In my defense, I like organizing, so I had to organize the boards in ways that I would be able to quickly and easily find what I want to find.  Yes, there's one on organizing.  

I guess that pretty much covers it.  I did some smart combinging: grandchildren go with sewing because it makes so much sense right now.  And I don't post photos of my grandchildren on any social media sites.
Well, it doesn't completely cover it.  Long ago of the things I discovered I appreciate beauty.  So there are some boards--rather like the first one I mentioned--that exist just because I appreciate beauty: visual arts, lace, embroidery, ironwork, trees (yes, I know, trees!).  

At least I'm not considering my interest in Pinterest as part of my workout routine or my healthy lifestyle.  No, I've decided I'd be realistic and pin only those things that are really in my life, like pecan desserts.  Now there's a board!!!

What about you?  Have you done any pinning?  If so, please let us know what interests you've collected and give your Pinterest address so we can follow your boards.  I guess if I'm going to admit that I'm hooked on Pinterest, I can toss shame out the window and beg for more.....please!

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