Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac Recovery

Although we had no damage from Hurricane Isaac, it seems that south Louisiana and west Mississippi have their share of miseries.  Flooding, electrical outages, downed trees and other problems are the result of Isaac's wrath.
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We got some rain and a bit of wind, which knocked down a few trees and took out power lines, but for the most part we are basically unscathed.

I spent yesterday reading a book that I'd brought home from the library.  It's one that came in over the summer, so it's not processed yet, but I knew I'd need something to do should the lights go out and this one seemed interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book based on the true events of 1979, when a police officer was shot in the face and his family threatened.  Twenty years later the shooter's brother confessed to the crime.  During that time, however, the family endured isolation from family and friends, first as prisoners in their own home and later when they moved away from Maine in an attempt to lead a normal life.

Another interesting reason to pick up the book is that half of the story is told from the point of view of John Busby, who because he was a police officer can provide detailed accounts as both the victim and the professional.  The other chapters are told by daughter Cylin who was nine years old when her father was shot.  Cylin writes from   a childhood perspective telling about her feelings, her loss and her naivete.  
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Here's an interesting note for those who would like to read this memoir or other works by Cylin Busby Ross: she is a writer of young adult books, has worked at Teen Magazine and has her own blog/website.  

I do plan to get a few more of her YA books for the library and can't wait to recommend this author to some of my readers at school.  It's going to be fun to hear their reactions to her works.

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