Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to the drawing board.....part 2

We've been on a five year mission at my house.  Yes, really!  I'm generally not that determined when it comes to home decor, but we have a beautiful set of bow windows in our living area.  Not long after we built the house, I gave up trying to find drapes that would take advantage of the shape of the window.  I posted our first attempts to replace the original system here.

After searching for a system that would follow the curved shape of the window, allowing us to use the window seat and still open the drapes when we want, I found a system I liked at Ikea last year while at the Houston Quilt Festival, but my brilliant husband had to cut and piece the straight and curved pieces to make them fit the bow shape.  

So, after we determined that our brilliant system would not work with the straight rods that fit on the top and bottom of the drapes, I had to rethink how to make Richard's design work.  And rethink, I did.  A true believer that when you're making something work, you might need different parts of the system than you originally think, I had picked up parts that I was hoping I wouldn't need.  I know, it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  But, understand, the extras were only a few dollars and I was sure I could use them if the rods I liked didn't work.  

In the end, the extras are what I've used.  (so there!)  Tonight we are sitting pretty with drapes that work quite well.  The systems are the same, but the drape attachments are different.  On the back window I've put the original panels on the straight rods.  On the bow window are the drapes on the sew-in attachments.

So if a slew of kids and grandkids show up for a hurricane party, we'll have space for everyone to sit and drapes to block out the ugly weather.   Now won't that be a great way to party?  I'd rather have a different kind of party, but we can't argue with what God sends our way, so we're planning to make the best of it.  Hopeful prayers that no one is injured or harmed and that the damage is not too great.

So what do you think?  Not too bad for a five year project?  


jenclair said...

The grandkids will especially love your comfy nook!

Thinking about you and hoping all is well!

lambs and ivy designs said...

How are you doing down there friend? I have been worried about you and I have been praying that the storm not dump flooding rains down on you!!

hugs and love,

PS..your drapes look good!