Thursday, August 16, 2012

More classroom work

Although school has already started and we've had almost a week of classes, I'm still working on my classroom.     I needed to add curtains on the window and to dress up the cinder-block walls, which are painted a light off-white and look very big when empty.   
Rich came by after school yesterday and helped me with a few things.  I had already hung some posters and put up a bulletin board. 

I found a pretty border for the bulletin board and let that set the color scheme: aqua blue, pink, orange, lime and red.  Since our school colors are red and white, I decided to use red for the background.  The large pieces of paper have my classroom rules on them and a few other procedures that the kids need to know.  The smaller circles are hand-cut polka dots to coordinate with the polka dots on the border .  

After I made the curtain for the window, I still had some of the fabric left and even had a coordinating stripe, so I made curtains to hang over the book shelves.  This way the things I store won't show.  

The book shelf on the far right wouldn't fit in it's space.  So Rich somehow took off a brace and slid it into the area.  Now the shelves are all the same depth.

I actually have a working blackboard, but I don't use it much because I couldn't find any chalk.  I've since picked up some at the store. 

And finally, a great friend, Janice, who also works at BHS and uses my classroom for one block, brought in the wires I needed to get the smart board working!  Yay!  Now we can both use the smart board, the small white board and the chalk board as we need.  

I had scrubbed the desks, shelves and boards before school started, so now everything is in working order and looks good.  

I guess you could say we're finally ready, although they've been coming for several days now!  Sometimes that's how it works.  Later, updates on the library, if I can remember to take some pics.

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Anonymous said...

Love the bulletin board, Mary. Enjoy your year!