Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cotton Quilters Guild Meeting and reading

I managed to get to the last meeting of the Cotton Quilters Guild, which is held at the Cottonport Museum.  We generally meet on the first Monday of each month.  

Our president, Donna, somehow manages to preside over a loud group of women who love to visit, talk, and laugh.  In fact, one reason I try so hard to attend is because a great time is guaranteed!

A meeting, show and share, a presenter and then food!  

That's how we do it in central Louisiana....always wonderful food: chicken salad sandwiches, cookies and cake.  A regular luncheon, although it really depends on the hostesses of the month.

As I was helping to put away tables and chairs, Donna offered me some magazines, which I gladly accepted.  Although she had a box full of quilting magazines, I picked up only ten.  

Turns out that five of them are "Quilts and more" magazines.  I picked them up because they have such pretty quilts on the covers.  The other five are a mix of different magazines that just happened to be on top of the stack.

Already I've read most of them.  I'm a fast reader and when I pick up a mag, I finish it before getting up.  Sometimes I do the same with a good book.  I do go back to re-read magazines, but these I intend to return to Donna.  

She did say I could take them, but other members of the guild may want to read them, and it seems a much better thing to do to return them, so I will.  
How do you read magazines?  Voraciously or slowly?  In one sitting or in several?  One time and finished or read and re-read?  Leave a note and let us know. 


Jean(ie) said...

I call them sewing porn. I keep several special ones and read them over and over and over. Each time I "see" something different. I shy away from the patchwork ones now, and pick up more technique-oriented magazines. Although I do gravitate toward the general project ones as well. I have a stack in just about every room in the townhouse.

You never know when inspriation hits!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Sewing porn, that's hilarious, Jean! I love browsing through these magazines. The only problem is that there aren't enough articles to keep me occupied for more than a few minutes. I just read too fast! Thanks for visiting!