Sunday, August 19, 2012

Old Memories

These old photos were some still left at my parents' house.  I promised to scan them for my sisters and post them so they'd access.  Some of them are recent enough that I'm able to at least identify the subjects.  Some have short notes dating them.  

Some are just old photos: there's no way for me to identify the subjects, the dates, the backgrounds.  They are still interesting, though, and we decided that we wanted a way to share them.

First up: three photos of my parents on a trip to Colorado when they were still young enough to venture into the mountains.  There are no children in the photos, so Iassume that the youngest of our family, Jeanne, was already in the Air Force and living in ND.  Chances are pretty good mom and dad are on their way to or from a visit to Jeanne's.

Next: the oldest photo of them all, in sepia!  I have no clue who the gentleman is, who the children are, when or where this was taken.  I like to think that maybe it was a great-grandfather, but I have no idea how to figure it out as there's no information on the back.

The next is a black and white of six friends posing in front of the Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square in New Orleans.  I think my mom is the second one from the left in the white glasses.  

Then we have this darling little baby sitting in a 1950's chair.  I'd guess this is my sister Courtney, but I really can't say.  The timing is right and the baby sure looks like Cookie did.  I'd venture a guess that she's sitting in Uncle Tat and Aunt Velma's house but, again, I can only guess.  This is one cute baby, though!

The characters in this next picture are easily identified: My dad is surrounded by several of us.  I'm going to wait for my sisters' to help identify the girls.  I may be the blond squatting at his feet, but that's all I'll guess for now.

Don't you love old photos?  I have a few more that I've scanned but I'll have to post those later: I have a test to finish up and lesson plans to write for tomorrow, so it's back to work for me.  
Have a great week! 

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Carla said...

Yes I do love old photos. So much of that is lost now a days with modern technology. Sad really. Cheers!