Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review: Vanishing Acts

Imagine being a young mother with a life you love and appreciate when one evening the police knock on your door.  

For Delia Hopkins, the police are a regular thing: she and her dog work to rescue other people.   When the police come knocking on one particular night, however, Delia's life changes forever.

Every bit of her life, she soon discovers has been a lie committed by her father to prevent her mother from finding them.  Delia's name, her earliest memories, everything in her life is suddenly different.

When her father is transported to Arizona, Delia, Eric and Fitz follow him, each for different reasons.  With her best friend and fiancee in Arizona, Delia attempts to save her father, get to know her mother and find herself.  

Picoult's book had me enthralled from beginning to end.  I wanted to know how Delia's relationships with her parents, her fiancee, and her friend, Fitz, develop.  Details of Arthur's life behind bars, Delia's mental state and work, and an underlying theme of alcoholism keep the novel moving and provide shifts in the story that makes it fresh and fast. 

I appreciate the moral issues that Vanishing Act raises and found myself thinking about many of the questions Picoult poses.  This is one book I'll be recommending to students when they visit the library!

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