Monday, August 20, 2012

More Old Memories

Continuing from last night's post of old photos from my mom's house.

In this photo three of the grandsons as little boys sitting on the front steps at the parents' house.  My oldest son, William, is the one in the middle; the other two boys are Angie's, Chris and Philip.  

One of the things we noticed right away is that there are no shrubs around the porch.  Mom planted flowers every year, but they didn't do well because there were always kids jumping off the porch.  When these boys got big just a little older, she tried to deter them by planting holly shrubs because they have serious stickers.  That just taught them how to jump high.  We got lots of laughs about mom's shrubs. 

This is mom wearing some crazy glasses.  She loved doing outrageous, crazy things.  We have photos of her with all manner of craziness going on.  Dad was the stodgy one: he wouldn't even laugh at her!  We girls, on the other hand, encouraged all the craziness she could muster.  Her favorite comediennes were Carol Burnette and Lucille Ball.  Is there any wonder?

Christmas at mom's.


An ordinary day for dad...relaxing on his recliner with the newspaper.  He loved to read every bit of the paper and had a subscription all his life.

Angie, her two boys, my son Will, Jeanne and Lisa.  I must be the one snapping the picture....look how blurred! 

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Do you have old photos?  What do you do with them?  How do you share them with others?

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