Sunday, August 26, 2012


See this?

This is The Weather Channel model for Isaac's path.  That purple line runs right over our house.  In fact, if I were to zoom in, I think I'd see the studio. 

I'm joking, of course, (maybe to keep from crying) but it does appear that the hurricane is headed for us no matter which of the paths it takes.  We are prepared, but I'm sure that there are many who are not.  I hope they get ready by Tuesday because I'm very certain that there will not be a thing left on the shelves by tomorrow afternoon.  

To prepare we've tanked up the vehicles and have extra fuel set aside to run the generator.  We'll move the generator to the house tomorrow so that we don't have to go out in the storm if (or when) the lights go out.  We've picked up non-perishables to feed an army; have extra batteries, candles, and water; and have made sure that loose furniture and such are put away.  

While Haiti cleans up, we are getting ready for the same storm.  We are watching The Weather Channel continuously, for one.

The kids came over the weekend to cut up and haul off a limb that had fallen last week.  They also cut the grass and did a few other things to help out.  Rich had a heart cath procedure so he's not able to do those things.  Will and Stacey were a great help in taking care of doing what Rich normally does.  I'm especially grateful to them because it would have meant my doing those things with Rich trying to help.

If you don't hear from me again for a while, it's likely that the reason has to do with a visit from Hurricane Issac.  I expect electricity, internet and phone services to go out for at least a few days.  

I'm good, though, I do have a hand crank sewing machine to keep me busy when I'm not cooking and cleaning for the army of kids and grandkids.  

We do tend to pile up together during these events.  I think that's so we can take care of each other and know we're all safe.  But it could be because misery loves company.

Happy Quilting,


Anonymous said...

One of the nice things about living in our area of TN is that we don't have much really bad weather. Hope all goes well with you and the damage is not too much!
Janey P.

Linda said...

Sounds like you're as ready as you can be! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the storm turns out to be not so bad.
Best regards from wet and windy Tampa!

jenclair said...

Oh, Mary, I'll be thinking about you! It must be awful to have to wait for a hurricane. Can't really imagine the stress. I'm glad your kids were able to help with preparations.