Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I got great news today!  The Quilt Pattern Magazine is an online quilt magazine started by Cindy McCoy as a way to "bring you high-quality, tested, patterns from designers, plus unique quilting articles from writers around the globe."  Carol, TQPM editor, sent me an email with information about an article I wrote for the magazine.  

The first installment of my stained glass workshop will appear in January, and they've extended it from three to four installments!  I was hoping for two, possibly three installments.

Carol also sent a copy of the work in progress so that I could see what it looks like.  I must say, I'm impressed!  Not having the programs that would allow me to create patterns, I scanned and sent my hand-drawn patterns.  Imagine my joy at seeing them turned into professional-looking patterns almost ready for publication.  

The article will first go to editors, then it goes to testers.  The testers will follow my directions to make a quilt that, hopefully, will look just like my original.  After their changes or corrections, the article will go through it last change.  Copywriters will finalize the format, photos and drawings.  Since this is July and the first article will appear in January, TQPM has six months to get all that done.  

If you have considered getting TQPM, now is a great time to do so, since they are offering a free pattern for anyone who signs up to receive their newsletter.  Click here to go to the sign up page. 

The "About" page of the website says this about the magazine:  
"We are dedicated to showcasing designers' patterns while preserving their styles, their methodologies, and their individual voices. This includes their regional spellings and local color. You won't see patterns shoehorned into a particular format, nor unique techniques superseded by truncated "standard practices". Instead, we faithfully reproduce the designers' techniques and methods as closely as possible. After all, with respect to their designs, they are the experts!"

I can say from my own experience that working with the editors has been great so far.  I look forward to seeing my work in the pages of the magazine.  If you subscribe to TQPM, leave a comment letting the rest of us know how you like it.  Of course, I do subscribe and really enjoy the magazine, but I'd like other opinions as well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mary! Can't wait to see the article. I'm subscribing right now. :-)

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