Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Photo from The Modern Quilt Guild
I'm in trouble.  I've discovered modern quilts.  Yep, I'm all there.  In fact, I'm working on my second modern quilt now.  What's bad is that I don't even know how I fell  into this mess.  Really, I woke up a few days ago and there was a modern quilt almost complete on the long arm!  Just like that.  

I also noticed that I've been following modern quilt blogs: The Modern Quilt Guild was the first, but that led to The Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild, which led to places like A Little Gray (don't fall for it--there's lots of gray and every other color, too).  Before I could stop I'd followed Olive and Ollie and several others.

Why am I in trouble?  Well, for one, it seems that I'm spending precious quilting time on the computer oogling over other people's quilts.  (as if I didn't do enough of that already)  And a look at my stash has informed me that I have all the wrong fabrics for modern quilts.  Sad, but true.  So guess what I did.......

Yes, I did.  I went shopping.  I bought lots of gray.  GRAY.  Shades of gray and some of every solid gray I could get my hands on.  And then (as if I could afford more) I picked out TWO shades of the brightest happiest yellow....which just happens to be the perfect shade of happy and looks stunning mixed in with the grays.  

I need an intervention.  I agree.  I'll see someone, maybe even a professional someone, as soon as I finish this stunning gray quilt.  Well, maybe it can wait till this interesting little convention is over:

Anyone know how far it is to Austin?


sophie said...

Funny you should ask ... Not once, not twice, but three time earlier this year, I drove from Austin, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico, so I know exactly how far it us to Austin for me :-)

The teachers and lecturers and workshops and talks and some other info for the show was just sent out this week--if you aren't already on their email list, you might want to sign up.

Not sure if I will go for sure, but will likely check it out ... If only for an excuse to,visit friends in Austin ... and fill up in the Tex Mex I am missing since my move.

jenclair said...

Can't wait to see your version of the modern quilt with all the greys!

I love Austin! It would be a great trip!

Jessica said...

Hey thanks for the link love! I know exactly what you mean about the addiction :) So do you live in Cincinnati or did you just happen to come across all the Cinci blogs?