Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Girl Baths

Our little Maltese puppies are very darling but late last night I discovered a flea while playing with them.  One flea means a good bath is in order, so this afternoon before going into the studio to repair a vintage quilt for a friend, I gave all four Maltese a good warm bath.  

That was work, believe me, but it was also fun.  The babies had never had a bath, so they were pretty hilarious discovering water.   

Because I was worried they would get cold, I combed and dried them out.  After combing one little girl, I took this photo of the two of them side by side.  I'm sending it to Jolie, our granddaughter who hates to brush her hair.  Let's call it inspiration.  

 Aren't they just too cute now that they've had a good bath?  Mom was not very happy to discover that they don't smell like her babies, but she got over it and now that they've had dinner, everyone is happy and playful.  And white as snow.  

It won't be long before these sweeties have to go to a new home.  They are entertaining little girls and I hate to see them go, but two hours of bathing is just too much.  Cotton and Candy didn't even get brushed in that time.  That will take another hour apiece, which cuts into my sewing and quilting time.  Imagine adding two more hours to this time-consuming chore.

Since they are already five weeks, I'll have to get to work finding a suitable home for them, getting registration papers ready, and making vet appointments.  We can't keep them very long, but we certainly do enjoy caring for them while they're in our care.


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They are precious!!

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They are too sweet! Gosh, they look cuddly.

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments. We do enjoy the cutie pies. They are constant entertainment. Visit again soon.