Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cotton Quilters Show (part 1)

These photos are from the Cotton Quilter's Guild that began today.  What fun!!!

First Place and Overall for Machine Quilting

Don't you just love the colors in these?  Both are truly awesome quilts.  I definitely agree with the judges on these ribbons.  The workmanship is beautiful, stitches are even, and the fabrics are perfectly coordinated.  These ladies are such talented quilters and I'm so happy they are my friends and guild members.  Studying their quilts has been a pleasure and a learning experience.

First Place and Overall for Hand Quilting

I entered five quilts in the show: three placed first in their categories, one placed second and one got an honorable mention.  I'm quite satisfied, of course, to have won so many awards.  

This modern quilt in gray with touches of yellow received a blue ribbon for machine quilting in the machine pieced category.  It's based on the design from the quilt below.

Another blue ribbon for machine quilting for the hand pieced category, this quilt is the one my grandmother made over 20 years ago.  Remember the story I told about the quilt top we found in my mom's house?  The ugly quilt top?  Here it is!

Amazing, isn't it, that such an ugly duckling could become a blue ribbon winner?

But wait, the truly amazing part is that 20 years after her death, my grandmother, Volcie, won her first quilt show ribbon.  Go, Ma-ma!  

The third quilt that won a blue ribbon is the one I made for mom and dad's 50th anniversary.  I wrote about it here and here (where I have much better photos).

Look for more photos of quilts from the show in the next few days.  I took over 50 photos so it will take a while to post them all.  Of course, I won't comment on them all like I did these.  When possible, I'll include the name of the maker and quilt, but even that will be rare.  

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Anonymous said...

Congrats for all your wins! I am especially happy that the two treasures won! Love you much more than you could possibly know and am so proud of you! I am proud to be your sister and you mine...

jenclair said...

Oh, congratulations, Mary! You really made a blue ribbon impression at this show. All are beautiful, but I love the one you made for your parents' 50th anniversary--a true labor of love!