Thursday, October 25, 2012

One loud afternoon

I managed a few minutes in the studio this afternoon to do a little cleaning.  Sweeping, picking up and and displaying a few quilts really made a difference!

Of course that didn't last very long because I had also promised to babysit one very active three-year-old.  She ran, jumped, climbed, screamed and almost every other verb that I can imagine inside of four hours, and the only minute that any of that looked a bit normal was while she was in the bathroom and the two minutes that she "read" a book.

Even a game of hide-and-seek is noisy and boisterous and active.  She hid behind the sofa cushion with arms and legs sticking out, very convinced that she could not be seen, "at all."

When I didn't find her right away (I was taking advantage of the momentary quiet) she quickly called, "You can't find me.  

You can't find me.  I hiding." Imagine those words in a high-pitched, shrill, LOUD voice.  I am amazed how loud such a tiny little person can be! 

Deciding to test her limits, I waited another moment before searching the living area.  Finding her requires several minutes of tickling, laughing and, surely you've guessed, screaming at pitches that had all the puppies yapping and adding to the clamor.

 Speaking of pups, my little ones are learning a new trick: sitting!  They actually do this better than the three-year-old, but they have been training for a few days.  And they have less energy! 

They tried keeping up with the rowdy one, but that didn't last very long.  After a while, they crawled into a bed and napped, but she found them and shouted, "get up puppies" until they had to choose between going deaf and moving.  They moved.  They are such sweet little things and so innocent.

When she discovered that they do what they are told, she thought it would be great fun to talk to them.  She must have screamed sit a hundred times, which confused the puppies terribly.  However, they are following that order much better now, so maybe she's on to something.  

The puppies were looking at me when I'd tell them to sit, but for a while they were confused enough that they didn't know which way to look.  They did sit, though, and stayed.  Now that the big girl has gone home, they have passed out in the closest bed without supper.  I feel pretty badly about that, but what can I do? I feel exactly the same way.

And on that note, I'll go crash, too.  I should sleep almost as well.

Happy Quilting,

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