Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick and easy goes it

Things have been a little quiet around here.  After the whirlwind of rushing through the last quilt project, I wanted to rest.  Not that any of the last three or four quilts have been difficult, of course; they were just rushed.  

Add to that the stress of working full time, trying to learn several computer programs for school, and keeping up with a library, and I just needed some down time.  

To that end, I found two simple, easy little projects.  The pincushion I saw on Pinterest some time ago.  I didn't have a pattern, but that was easy enough.  I simply cut out a heart shape!  I wanted to make this pincushion only because I had this cute heart fabric.  

 The little bag I made with Dusti in mind.  It turns out that she really doesn't want it.  She doesn't carry a bag or purse and felt that it would just be something else cluttering up her room.  Imagine a 13-year-old saying that!  

I was surprised but not terribly.  Still, the bag is really cute, so I think I'll give it to someone else around Christmas.  Surely at a school of 400+ I can find someone who would like it.

I made the bag, like the pincushion, because of the  fabric.  While digging around in my stash, I discovered the pink flamingos, then found a solid pink to coordinate, and zipped up the bag in about two minutes.  Those flamingos were wiggling and dancing in an effort to get my attention and convince me to do something with them!
The bag is small and the handle is short so that it fits close to the body when worn on the shoulder or can be worn on the arm.

I put in a small Velcro closure for the top.  I think it will work well for carrying around small electronics and such, though I didn't intend it for that.

What are yo working on?  Any small projects on your "to do" list?


jenclair said...

I love pin cushions and have quite a few, mostly ones I've made myself. Isn't a pin cushion for a fabric fanatic a comforting item? They are use, friendly, and fun to make. Wouldn't your latest one be a great Valentine's gift for someone who sews?

From 13-15, my girls were full of unexpected and unpredictable behaviors. Love that Dusty has dispensed with clutter--how funny! Yep, bet you can find a great recipient for your cute bag, and you've had the pleasure of the making.

I'm in the mode of writing down dozens of ideas each day of things I want to make, but still on last minute Halloween items.

jenclair said...

I'm liking the idea of making pin cushions for Valentine's gifts. Guess the shape and fabric have eliminated the possibility of making them for Christmas gifts; I'm just seeing Valentine hearts!