Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dust PUPPIES????

We have these two little, white, fuzzy creatures running around the living area.  Every once in a while someone surprises one, and it emits a high pitched squeal that can be heard for miles.  Curses generally follow--human ones, then murmurs of guilt and consolation.  

Occasionally, one will wander too far under the sofa and come out covered in snippets of thread, dry grass, dust; at which point I am grateful that another week of cleaning has been accomplished.   

Naturally about the time that they became useful, they started leaking.  Isn't that the way? 

Why is it that every time I figure out a way to avoid housework, I soon discover that the object is both a solution and a problem?  

The momma dust puppy?  Well, let me tell you, she's had enough of this business of chasing them around all day.  She flips on cartoons and rolls over, asleep before the first whine for milk.

As for the king of this house.....he knows his place!


Michele Bilyeu said...

They are hilariously, adorably too-too cute for words. The best little dust bunnies..and the cutest..that I've ever seen. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! My favorite so far, and the dust puppies are just cute, cute, CUTE!

Carla said...

Very cute!