Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Thanks

Sophie helping with the baking.
Thank you to the many followers who visited during the busiest time of year for most families.  I know it's not always easy to get everything done, so managing to visit a few blogs is especially appreciated.  

We like to keep things quiet and slow during the holidays.  I cook a huge meal, the kids all come over for gift-giving and fun, then it's quiet again for a little while.  We'll have the boys and their families over again before I go back to school after New Year's Day, but most of our holidays are spent trying to keep quiet.
Caki checking out the desserts.

My sister Laura and her two girls are visiting for a few days.  They live in TN and try to come home a couple of times each year.  

Now that mom and dad are gone, she generally stays at my house and we spend several days traipsing around the state so she can take photos and do some of her genealogy research.  I'm interested in both but quilting is my passion.  Besides, I'm a bad photographer and genealogy is detail oriented, and I don't like details.

Pull us, we're ready to go!
The photos here are from Christmas night in the Marcotte house.  As you can see, there are quite a few grandchildren.  We're up to seven: Dusti, Alayna, Lane, Jolie, Marley, Caki, and Sophie.  

Not all of the kids are in the pics, however.  Alayna got a new Kindle reader and pulling her away was pretty difficult if not impossible.  I did get a photo of Lane playing and being silly.  He is the sweetest kid ever but a bit of a nut sometimes.

Jolie was pretty excited to get her popcorn machine.  She made a couple of batches of popcorn for us and had a blast doing so.  And the last pic is of Dusti.  

I could say she's just beautiful, but I'm her Grammay and you know grandmothers don't brag!

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful and blessed as ours was.  How awesome to have God's blessing of a beautiful, loving family and to be able to have everyone together in faith, hope and love.

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