Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: QuiltCon

Hmmm, what to inspire us this week?  How about a couple of modern quilts submitted to QuiltCon?  

Back in November I submitted three quilts in the hopes that at least one would make the cut.  Since it's a juried show, I knew it would be difficult to get in, and I was right.  Of the three quilts I submitted, only one made it.  

Wait, I really didn't say that quite right:   ONE OF MY QUILTS WAS ACCEPTED TO QUILTCON!!!!  

Now that's more like it.  At least that's closer to how I feel!  I'm very excited!  This is the first time EVER I've submitted to a major show, let alone an international one.  Ya-hoo!  {said in my Texan accent}

Okay, so here we are.  Three quilts.  The first is "Round Pegs, Square Holes."  It's a bit biographical since I'm one of those round pegs and life seems to be made of square holes.  I don't always fit.  And neither does this quilt.  Sorry darling, you will have to stay home, but you will be loving displayed in the studio until after February.

Also staying home is "Double Disappearing Nine Patch."  Such a pretty quilt with that colorful border.  And fun to make!  Until February, sweets, you'll get to hang on the large rod in the studio.

And here is "Reflections in Gray" a quilt that I made using my grandmother's pattern.  I will visit it in Austin in February as it will be displayed at QuiltCon!  

Yes, I'm excited, but more importantly, I hope that my quilt inspires you to try.  That's all I did, really.  I tried.  I tried making this quilt with very little to guide me.  I tried to draw out a pattern using limited resources and, when the first two or three patterns didn't work out like I'd hoped, I tried adjusting.  

I tried taking an old pattern and making it new and "modern" using colors and intuition and what I could only hope would work.  Then I tried something rather radical for me: I tried submitting quilts not knowing much about their chances of being accepted.  I tried.  You can try.  You can try just about anything.  Try once or twice, or over and over again.  Before you know it, you'll be shouting "Ya-hoo!!!!" or something more appropriate when you get the great news!

Happy Quilting,


Jean(ie) said...

Congrats on getting that quilt chosen for the show! How exciting! And I love that this was your grandmother's pattern. That makes it even more special.

lambs and ivy designs said...

YEA!!!!! How EXCITING!!! I am so pleased for you...and if I had been in charge all three would go to Quiltcon!

I wish I was there to give you a hug!
Happy New Year my friend!

jenclair said...

Way to go, Mary! I'm so excited for you!

ChristaQuilts said...

Congrats - these are all wonderful. Like you I also submitted 3 and one was chosen, but I was still beside myself with joy. I hope we are able to bump into each other in person :-)