Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

I spent a little time pinning this afternoon.  Not much.  Only an hour or so.  It was for tonight's post, after all.  

I found a couple of interesting boards that you may want to visit.  One is the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild, which has a great quilt inspiration board and one on quilting humor (see above).  The following photos are from the inspiration board and can also be found on my "modern, quilts" board. 

I've been pinning ribbon embroidery for some time now and have accumulated 130 or so photos on my "embroidered, ribbonry" board.  If you enjoy gardening and flowers, you'll be amazed at the detail in some of these photos.

Ribbonwork on a few antique pieces.  I pinned these photos when I first began pinning and still love to go back and enjoy them.

Before closing, let's take a look at a few beautiful, vintage buttons from my board "magic, button."  

I loved this idea for the vintage buttons but couldn't figure out  what the pink base is, so I visited Betsy's blog, My Salvaged Treasures, and discovered that it's a vintage belt buckle.  What a creative idea!  Visit her blog to see some of the other creative ideas she's had for re-purposing buttons and other small vintage treasures.

Another smart idea for using old buttons.  One reason I like it so much is that the buttons can be removed and reused when the pillow gets old or stained.  

Here's hoping that you are inspired and also that you have a wonderful, happy Christmas season.  
Happy Quilting,

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