Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pin It Wednesday #5

Already this is the fifth week of my Pinterest posts.  I'm still pinning, only now I am able to convince myself that I'm doing it for you!  It's just fun and games, really.  I love looking at quilts and quilting, and the photos give me many--way too many--ideas.

This week is not about quilting, though.  Since I'm also a librarian, I have a couple of boards that have to do with books, bookmarks, libraries, etc.  I am a bibliophile.

These first photos are all about unusual bookshelves.  If you've visited my Pinterest site, you may have noticed that all of my board titles consist of two words separated by a comma.  It's just part of my English teacher gimmick, so indulge me, please. 

Wouldn't this last idea be really cool in a high school library?  I wish I had the wall space!  
Alas, every inch of wall is covered with a full-out stuffed bookshelf, so it's a no-go for BNTHS.

New York
 Ever wanted to visit a public library in a different city?  This country girl loves going to big-city libraries!  But I've not been to many, unfortunately. 

Dragging our boys through museums sapped all my dragging abilities and, now that they are grown, we're dragging grandchildren.  A museum or two and, on weekends, at least one church service and we're on the road back to Evergreen.  

Thanks to Pinterest, I can visit every major public library in the civilized world.  It's not the same as being there in person, of course, but it's better than never visiting.
Dublin, Ireland

Ottawa, Canada
Notice that I'm including the city where the library is supposedly found; however, know that I can't guarantee that the information is correct.  As always with Pinterest, we are relying on the information provided by the original pinner.
Although I do have a board named, "recommended, books" I want instead to show a couple of "smart, bookmark" photos.

One of the joys of my life is reading, and I am grateful to whomever taught me to read as a child.   I cannot remember a time when I was not a reader.  My parents both were.  Daddy had his newspaper, and mom always loved a book during nap time.  

Surprisingly, though, I don't have any memories of their reading to me.  It's as if I was born able to read, and my preferred entertainment was always at my disposal.  

Now here's a bit of craziness: I was finished with this post... done, I tell you, when Richard pointed out that today is Thursday.  What?   

What happened to Wednesday?  Then I remembered, I spent it at the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party.  (I'm in the J's.)  I hope you've entered my giveaway of a quilted Christmas stocking (and a few surprises) and that you visit the other blogs to enter their giveaways.
Come back tomorrow for a picture of the stocking that I made earlier this week.  It's not this one, but I sure do like the design.  Enter the giveaway as often as you'd like, just make sure you're a follower and leave an email address if your comments are set for no-reply.
Happy Quilting,

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jenclair said...

Ha,ha,ha! So I'm not alone in confusing the days of the week. Good to know!

Love the libraries and the book shelving, Mary.