Friday, January 18, 2013

New!!! Winner!

During our last Blog Hop with Quilters Gallery, I won a packet of Cherrywood Studio fabrics from Marija at  The package arrived earlier this week, but I've been a bit Beta Convention since Wednesday.
I was very happy to see this package on Tuesday.  I'd gotten an email from Marija last week, so I knew that it was on the way.  

As soon as I opened the package, I wanted to call in sick and let someone else go to convention!  Well, almost.

What I did instead was to play and fondle and pet the pretties for, oh, an hour at least.  I fanned them out in a pretty rainbow....

but there were too many!

So, I made a second fan of different fabrics.

They certainly were pretty all spread out like that, but I wasn't done.  I found a really quirky way to spread them out.  Isn't this funny?  

The little corners poking out between the layers remind me of tongues--kittens licking up milk or maybe puppy kisses.

The stripes were doing something for me, so I played with stripes a bit more.  Since I'd used gray and brown for the tongue design, I used pink and purples for the simple stripes.

But there were more left, and I figured they'd be upset if they didn't get to play stripes, so they became skinny stripes.

Why not do opposing fans?  I would like this design more if it didn't remind me of the pile of file folders sitting on my desk, waiting for me to grade the papers inside.  No, this one is not a happy design, although it is a pretty one and I love the blue/purple color combination.

I'm not sure what this "V" does for me, but it gives you a close-up of the fabric design.  

A special thank you to Marija for having the giveaway.  These fabrics are gorgeous!  I can't wait to get started with a pretty little AAQI quilt.  I may even get going this weekend, especially since it just happens to be a three-day and I'm about to crawl into 8:30!  I really need a few extra hours of sleep.  Somehow it's difficult to sleep when 35 teenagers are your responsibility (and there are about 250 more in the building).  My Betas were awesome!  Not a moment's trouble with them and they did every thing I asked (we're in charge of Service Project and Games).  Plus, they were on time, every time!  Teens!  gotta love 'em sometimes!

Thanks again Marija!  I'll be posting my AAQI project as soon as I get something quilted and bound.  These beautiful Cherrywood fabrics will be stunning, no matter what my brain cooks up.  

Everyone else go by and visit at Marija's blog:

Happy quilting,


jenclair said...

How much fun to receive beautiful fabrics like these! Can't wait to see what you finally do with them.

Jean(ie) said...

Drool city pretty fabric! How exciting!