Tuesday, January 8, 2013

School's IN

Absolutely, Bunkie New Tech High School is back in session for me!  I'm so busy and exhausted that I have no idea how I'm managing.  Thank goodness I do not still have small children or teenagers at home because they would be in a bad way. 

I go to work, come home, write lesson plans, make out tests, and prepare for the next day.  Then I do it all over again.  It's astounding how difficult it is.  Since I am now a full time English teacher, my time in the school library is limited to less than an hour a day and that includes my lunch time.  So there's not much happening in the library, but my two clubs make up for it.  

This weekend, a workshop in Ruston; next week, Beta Convention; at the end of the month Explorers Club field trip and La Gear Up Day.  Whew!

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jenclair said...

I sympathize! Teaching English is a job that takes more hours than are available, and you didn't even mention grading papers, another time-consuming task that will soon be taking place in a new semester!