Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Welcome to Sunday Quilt Inspiration!  I've been stitching up some small quilts lately, so it seems fair game to include small projects for today's inspiration. First up, a couple of darling little quilts from I discovered the site this afternoon while reading some of my favorite blogs.  
This rubber ducky quilt is just precious, and the website includes a pattern for the duck. Accuquilt also has dies for the duck applique. The directions for this wall hanging could easily be modified to make a baby quilt for either a boy or girl, so it's a good go-to pattern if you like to have baby quilts ready made for when a new one arrives.  
And last from is this little blue modern quilt.  I really like the satin binding.  One of my children liked to rub the satin borders of his baby blankets.  Apparently it soothed him quite a bit, so I made sure to add satin edges to his sheets until he got to middle school.  Maybe I should have continued that practice right up to his wedding day.....

A couple of just-for-fun pictures from, which has been my favorite website for inspiration for a while now.  Although I have issues with the fact that no one has to give credit for the work, I can't seem to give it up completely.

And finally, quilts with birds on them.  I don't know why--I just realized that there are many pictures that fit the description and created a board for them.  Here are a few of the whimsical quilts that are just so much fun!

Happy Quilting,

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Carla said...

Everything looks wonderful. I agree with the little pillow. I need a bigger room too.....