Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Isn't it the way.....spend some time gathering material for a post and the servers of the world just don't cooperate?  That's my afternoon, unfortunately.  I found all manner of beautiful photos on Pinterest, organized them on my boards, and made a mental list of the ones I wanted to share.  

Then the kids came in for a visit and stayed for supper.  So, finally, I have a moment to share them.  Well shoot, Pinterest won't work!  How can that be, you ask?  My answer is it can be because I have plans! Of course, I don't really mean that in a shouting red voice.  Red just has a way of telling the universe, "aww, okay."

So today's Sunday Quilt Inspiration is going to be less about quilts and more about this awful weather we're getting.  

Richard and I drove to Ruston on Friday so that I could attend a workshop at La Tech on Saturday.  And these photos are a couple that I took from the car window.  I think it's hilarious that the ones I took while zipping by at 80 mph and those I took at a dead stop look about the same.  In fact, Richard couldn't tell the difference.

You'd think I could figure out how to handle a camera half the size of a slice of bread.  It's looking like I never will, but check out the clouds.  It wasn't raining, but the rain was absolutely brewing.

We weren't home long before it did begin raining, again. I snapped a few photos of the yard.....mostly I snapped photos of gray and gloom and glum.

The pond is full to overflowing.  So any water that goes in, promptly pours out the other side, right over the bank of the levee.  Every step requires boots, even when one stays on the sidewalks.  

We do still have some color in the yard.  The red berries of the pyracantha bushes, the yellow leaves of the Jack Frost ligustrum, and the green of the japonica.  But those colors are overwhelmed by the gray of winter.  

Since it's only January, I decided to put together a project of summer colors to brighten the sewing studio.  Here's a preview to inspire you--there's more coming in the next day or so. 

Happy Quilting,

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