Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thanks again, Laura!

My sister, Laura, took a few photos of each of us girls a few years ago.  These are my photos.  Sometimes when I look at them, I'm surprised by how much I look like my sisters, even the ones who, in my mind at least, looked very different from me.  I always thought of myself as looking like my mom's family, while some of us look more like daddy's family.  Strange how now I'm think we all look the same, but I'm not sure which side of the family anyone favors. 
I needed to load one photo to a webpage that I can easily access, and what easier access do I have than my own blog?  So, feel free to skip on by.  It's quite alright that you may not want to look at photos of me.  At least I am dressed up and my hair looks like I bothered with more than a ponytail.  And let's just admit it....I was a few pounds thinner!
Give Laura credit, she did the best she could with the model she had.  I might note that I am not a good model: my ADD tendencies wanted to kick in and drive an already over-extended photographer right over the edge.  She handled me well, though.  I'd have probably sent me away, but no, she insisted that behave, which is about the only way to handle me!
I don't have a favorite, but I'll bet she does.  She is quite good at seeing every detail and choosing a best photo by eliminating those with the tiniest issues.
Did you get any quilting or sewing done today?  I didn't, again.  This teaching full-time is really eating into my fun times! 


Carla said...

Hi Mary. Can't for the life of me figure out how to e-mail you. I just wrote a big long reply to your comment only to discover you are a 'no reply' blogger. Thanks for your lovely comment. The snow isn't so bad. Summers here are hot hot so I guess we need the moisture ; )

jenclair said...

Laura is a great photographer, but she has a great subject!