Monday, September 7, 2015

Modern Monday Surprise

I woke up with a migraine on Saturday, took a second dose of Zomig on Sunday, and had hopes for relief on Monday. No cigar, as the saying goes.  But the migraine was better, so after sleeping for an extra six hours this morning, I decided that moving around might help and went into the studio.  

Apparently pain is a stress-reducer or brain activator or something, because I've been dreading making the four cathedral windows blocks for my August modern bee queen....yes! last month!  Much of it was the dread of figuring out what, exactly I was supposed to do.  I just couldn't wrap my head around the pattern.  

When you're a visual learner and pictures don't click, it's gruesome. The one thing I did get were the dimensions of the block: 17 1/2" square.  After that I was bummed.

But there was this nagging feeling that something I'd done before (maybe five years ago?) was similar.  Turns out it wasn't but it enough to get me to sit down and figure it out.  What I had to do was fold the fabric so that I could envision the outcome.  

In the end it was easy and took all of four seconds and a couple of minutes.  The four seconds was the folding part.  

So, August is done.  Finis!

That inspired me to work on the September block: a maple leaf block of oranges. Brights, solids, scraps... whatevers would work. So in about 10 minutes that was done.  

Except, oops!  Wouldn't you know the points are perfect?  And it's the middle row that was in wrong, so both seams had to come out. But I did have a migraine, so let's just go with that, shall we?

Là, finis aussi.  

Not a bad migraine Modern Monday after all!  Even if I did leave a bit of an orange mess behind.  

Just kidding.  It's Labor I had to show some work ethic!
Here's hoping yours was good, as well!

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