Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: DOORKNOBS

DIY decorating window treatment idea. Old doorknobs can become finials for these curtain rods made using electrical metal tubing.  Step-by-step photo tutorial shows you how easy it is.:

I know, sounds kind of desperate, doesn't it?  Here's my thinking: if anything can be inspiration, then on occasion I have to choose something really odd.  Doorknobs feel odd.  We'll see how that goes in a second.
How To: Turn Old Door Knobs into Wall Hangers. (I always wondered how to make this work!  I keep saving the doorknobs but just couldn't figure out a way, and here is the answer.)

Use cabinet doors as towel hangers in the bathroom instead of a towel bar. Paint to match your color scheme.:

Arts and Crafts styled hardware pulls add an inspired touch to any architectural or craftsman styled home.:

Door knob as curtain tie back - I have a bunch of these beautiful old knobs - great idea!:

Just little frames hung on old doorknobs! Texas Farmhouse-RoundTop Texas-Trendmaker Homes-From My Front Porch To Yours: want to make so bad!:

Antique Door Knocker I've got a fish in my hand now let me in.

AMAZING!!! Barcelona:

bird door knocker:

Antique Door Knocker serpent snake:

Surely some of these more off-the-wall (yes, pun intended) door knockers and doorknobs can inspire a quilt or two.  I was thinking of the regular, ordinary, not-so-special doorknobs that ordinary people (like myself) have in our homes.  If, however, you really like the odd and endearing, check out Laura Beth Love's "door knobs knockers and latches" board.  Really, I want to just show you all 85 of her pins, but I have other work to do.

Door knob hanger in penny rug style.
I'm supposed to be showing you some quilts inspired by doorknobs. Surprise, I have something.  I'm disappointed, however, because the best I can do are these little quilts that hang on a door knob. There are lots of these, but well...

They aren't even quilted but they could be!  Maybe that's the inspiration.  You could make a few for the doors in your house but quilt them.  
Hooked penny rugs | LADY BUG Penny Rug Door Knob Hanger Instant Download

Oley Valley Primitives SALT BOX HOUSE Penny by santaladyofoleyOley Valley Primitives SHEEP Penny Rug Door by santaladyofoley

Cross My Heart by Kim Diehl: Picture of Bee Welcome Sign

I'm not sure just what to consider this post: I don't feel like it's a win, but I do like the little door hangers and can see that they would be just as cute made and quilted in cotton.  

What would you consider this post?  A win (for finding some darling little sewn items)?  Or a loss (for not finding any quilts)?

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