Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: W O R D S

Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander, complete collection- I'm loving that top text print and the navy one too!Oh, yes, words.  When someone is a writer and English teacher, others might expect words to have a greater impact on that someone's work and craft.  How I haven't thought to share this inspiration before, I cannot explain.  But....

This DIY pillow is the perfect way to use up all of those fat quarters in my stash!: Well, it does influence my work (oh, how!) and craft.  I do love those word fabrics!  And I love quilts with words on them.  And I love just about anything with letters, words, text.

A way to use my left over scraps of fabric. Maybe I'll do the kids' names and hang them on the wall:

How to do perfect fabric transfers every time.

It doesn't really matter what the words say.  In some cases the text is a language I can't read.  Still, I know that they are the thoughts of a person.  Perhaps a person just like me, who appreciates words. Likes words.  No, who loves words. Who knows that the words have meaning.  Who will read the words simply because the words are there.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful b/w text fabric looks when paired with brights. "Mouthy Stitches" block by Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane Quilts.: baby blanket, vintage-inspired, dick and jane school reader in black and white text, typophile and parent-friendly.

Why no one has asked me to design fabric with text on it, I can't imagine.  It would not take me long to pull beautiful quotes from my favorite classics.

Reel Time by Zen Chic for Moda, 1 yd.: Sun Print Text fabric by Alison Glass for Andover by fabricshoppe:

FA1993.jpg: FA2369.jpg:

pillow talk...I found these printed fabrics online...they are "Timeless Treasures" fabrics...the main one is called "How to Make a Pillowcase" C9633-white. _ TR: One Girl In Pink: How to Transfer Quotes onto a LARGE piece of Fabric Quickly and Easily!:

The Geography of Loss: working with text and textiles to create an art quilt In this one day workshop I Inspiration for the Playing & Creating Program at paper log cabin  This can easily be created using Mod Podge and scrapbook papers!:

And where there's inspiration....there must be quilts!

Secret Diary 8:Angela Moll~"The pages of my Secret Diaries are actual journal entries screen printed on fabric. The text records the flow of thoughts and the meandering of attention as I write on the screen with fabric dye. Each fabric page is a layering of different entries, the superimposition of a day onto the next one. I use the collaged & stitched diary fragments to speak about intimacy, communication, as well as privacy and isolation."

I'm fascinated with the simplicity of the design - squares and HSTs climbing their way across the quilt | from Civil War Quilts: A 20th-Century GAR Quilt:

Pressed Leaves table runner by Tonya Alexander.  Made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and text print.  McCalls Quilting September/October 2015.:

Made in Cheery Colorwheel by Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle 60" x 60" 220 unique 3.5" rainbow charms IKEA number fabric background Grey fleece backing Made In Cherry pattern - Sarah Fielke

Poppy Makes...: I Spy with my little eye..... snowballs! ... ... I LOVE that large word print fabric. Where do I find it?!

I like the use of the red in the center squares along with the text prints for the rest

Paper shredder quilt by Kevin Kosbab for Stitch Magazine, seen at Sew Mama Sew

OMG!  This modern mini quilt is fantastic!!  from "Sewing Under the Rainbow"

another beautiful DQS13 mini - by tramtadam, via Flickr

Instagram Photo from @imagingermonkey - Katy Jones.  Amazing English Paper Piecing with text prints and new Liberty Lifestyle fabrics!!:

60 degree triangles.  Little Island Quilting lage i hvitt øverst og blått nederst og forskjellige gråfarger og grønnfarger på fjella

Text quilt (spoonflower fabric) by bespoke quilts  (Love the fabric!!!!):

Sweetwater Designs-Feed Company, Their fabric designs are so cute!:

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