Monday, April 18, 2016

Ikaprint labels are here!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order some labels from Ikaprint, a custom clothing label company that makes several different types of labels. 

I chose to purchase satin sew-in labels in a pretty cream color with black ink. I think this color combo will work well with the items that I tend to create but will stand out enough to be seen.

Of course, I could not wait to get one of the labels sewn into a project, so I chose a completed project to add in a label. It didn't take long to choose this little zipper bag as the guinea pig. 

It was easy to rip out a part of the side seam, which is good because I had to rip it out twice! I decided that the full label was just a little big on such a small bag. After ripping it out, I folded it smaller and sewed it back in. 

Much better. The labels are actually just the right size to add to a quilt or large bag, but the smaller bag looked like it had a large ear sticking out of one side. lol

I seriously considered putting in my blog url, but I think that today people who are interested in a product will do a quick google search, regardless. So I chose to add "Handmade in the USA" in the hopes that would be a selling point for some people. 
I also put the full name of my brand so that people will become aware that I make more than just quilts. Actually, the majority of my sales are for smaller items. I just happen to prefer to make quilts!

I'm so pleased with my labels that I put them in a special glass jar so that they can sit on the shelf close to my sewing machine. 

I will most likely keep a few in the organizer within arm's reach, but I want to keep the dust from them since I expect that it will take a while to use all 200 pieces.


Sandra Walker said...

I have thought about buying Ikaprint labels, thanks to Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for several months!! Love yours. What size did you order? The pin gives a good idea...2X3? I need to do this, and I love the bag you put it on, very classy!

Kaja said...

Nice labels: I like that you used the fleur de lis on them, and 'made in the USA' is a good touch.