Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: CHECKERBOARD

Make my own checkboard table using this blog as guidance! Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too: How to Paint a DIY Checkerboard Coffee Table:
Remember playing games as a child? One of my favorites was checkers. It seems that we always had a game and with seven sisters, there was always an opponent. My grandfather was the adult who taught me to play and to love the game. I remember setting the game up on the arm of the sofa--he always sat in the same place--for a rousing game.  

Hand Painted Up Cycled Solid Wood Checkerboard Side Table with Drawer. $145.00, via Etsy.:
He taught me to play by first winning and then showing me either my bad moves or his smart ones. It was difficult to grasp the concept of planning my moves and anticipating his, but eventually I came to understand. He died when I was twelve but by that time he had taught me quite well. I don't think I ever won a game with Papa, but that didn't seem to matter.

How to make a primitive checkerboard:

Make a wooden chess and checkerboard tutorial. How to Build a Chess and Checkerboard A simple but elegant DIY project you can do with some help from your kids? Checkmate. #weekendwoodworking #freewoodworkingplans DIY chessboard project & plans

Vanilla and Chocolate Checkerboard Cake: As delicious as it is fun to make, this checkerboard cake will make for the perfect tea time treat!.

I can do that! Make a checkerboard on top of your picnic table to keep the kids entertained for hours! #memorialdayfun:

Checker board quilts, you ask? Well, you know it!

Liberty Tana Lawn and Chambray Checkerboard Quilt ~ Red Pepper Quilts

Liberty Tana Lawn and Collage Checkerboard Quilt - Red Pepper Quilts

Red and white quilt. Stitched square within each square by Helen Phillips.

elsie's girl: Fall Back quilt -- OHOH!  Simply lovely and awakens the anticipation for autumn!:

Love my checkerboard quilts. 2.5 inch cut

Checkerboard and Pouch Tutorial. This would make an awesome handmade gift for a boy colours of course!:

Liberty Tana Lawn and Chambray Checkerboard Quilt ~ Red Pepper Quilts

Checkers game board Quilt-I have the checkered fabric already:

Here's hoping that your childhood memories of playing games includes a loving grandfather who was willing to teach you to be a better player. (And maybe a win or two.)


Karen S said...

These are lovely memories to have of a simple but very special game.
Love the photos you found.

Christine Slaughter said...

Such special memories! My favorite game to play is chinese checkers. My sisters and I spent our summers at my grandparent's ranch and they always played that game with us. I love how there's so much checker inspiration around to remind you of that special time with your grandfather!

Kaja said...

I loved checkers when I was a child: haven't played for years but must dig out the set - there are children around here who would love it.