Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More small bags finished

I've been working on a few small bags recently for a variety of purposes and gifts. These two are made from a pretty modern fabric that I got from Lola Pink in Lafayette several years ago. I used the majority of the fat quarter and had just enough for two bags. 

The bag on the right is identical on both sides but the left one had to be made from two different parts of the design. I used the rosary/coin purse design from this tutorial, but made them a little bigger so they can be more useful.

I made them with a white polka dot fabric that has most of the colors from the outside, just muted a little. I like white for the interior because the light color makes finding items easier.

One of the bags has a separator to form two compartments. I originally intended to put one in the second bag, but I cut something wrong (I don't remember what the problem was) so I just left it off.

Although the bags are not very big, they can hold quite a few little personal items.  I've been thinking of making a few extra to give to our girls for "necessities" (personal products). We could never say tampons or pads as teenagers, so my mom just taught us to use her code word, necessities, when we needed something at the store.

I enjoyed playing with the quilting design on this one and created a diagonal design.  The second one has straight line quilting to mimic the the stems on the fabric design.

Cute, useful and fun to make...these are absolute winners!

What are you working on that's cute, useful or fun to make?  Leave a comment!

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Karen S said...

These small bags are lovely, especially in this gorgeous fabric. I am sure you could find lots of uses for them.

margaret said...

I agree with using light fabric for the inside of bags. it is SO much easier for me to find items inside.