Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Y E L L O W

This quilt showed up on my Pinterest feed today--right up top where I could not possibly miss it--and I just fell slap in love!
Ann Quilts: Art Deco Flowers ... or Fans:

Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Buttercream | Oh Sweet Day

So I figured why not? Why not let yellow and ____ be my inspiration this week? I love the mix of yellow and gray in some blocks, the yellow and red/blue mix in others, and my favorite, the yellow and black.  

Let's begin with yellow.

Honey use and production has a long and varied history. In many cultures, honey has associations that go beyond its use as a food. Honey is frequently used as a talisman and symbol of sweetness.:

I want to be proposed to in a place that looks like this if I ever marry again:

House Revivals: Y is for Wallpaper and other Yellow Things

WALKING ON SUNSHINE. Well yes these would be perfect for those gloomy rainy Spring days:

<3 Acacia ..yellow Mimosa.....gorgeous but highly allergic to it:

Look how the yellow fridge brightens the kitchen. Dreary begone! #home #decor:

Ducklings: "Fast Asleep.":

Yellow paint swatches - example of lighting for meeting place, park, and nightclub - Summer Sunset for elk lodge - Egg Yolk/Summer Sunset for Nightclub - Buttercup for park: #cozywak:

And for more inspiration: some gorgeous yellow quilts! 
Wow! These are bright and beautiful!
Teaginny Designs: Yellow and Gray Pinwheel: | lemonade stand 1 | Inspired by the citrus print fabric, I though of the tumbler pattern and a "glass of lemonade".  This is my own design and tumbler shape.:

Honeybee Block (81K)

Happy Quilting: Bloggers Quilt Festival - Mellow Yellow:

The Academic Quilter: Fiesta Friday

Quilts In The Barn: Quilts In The Barn Exhibition #3


Haberdashery Quilt by Amy Friend

Dancing Squares Quilt  Black and Yellow by AlyciaQuiltyGirl:


Vintage nine patch quilt with scallop border.  Each nine patch center is same yellow as border, and four print squares, and four solid squares that coordinate with print.

Jill Collins Modern Quilt Guild monochromatic challenge piece - Yellow Quilt

Have a great week! Hope you find some yellow around you.

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Kaja said...

I have been thinking about a yellow quilt for ages, though I've done nothing about it yet. These are so cheerful and just right for this time of year.