Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pin It Weekly #165

Dorm Room Hacks and Tips - Line Your Drawers with Scrapbook Paper to make things bright and clean. More College Tips on Frugal Coupon Living.: What's in my backpack: Tuesday by kaley-ii on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, The North Face, Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, Splendid, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines,, Nook, Sharpie, OtterBox, Katie, OPTIONS and mollysbtscontest:

If you're a teacher you know how I feel when I say, "School starts tomorrow! Kids included!" That means I haven't been pinning a whole lot. I've been cleaning and spiffing up my classroom. 

whimsicaljourney:  School supplies for this school year.:

Do you have a big pile of scraps?  It's a problem that I've not been  able to solve. How about a few scrap quilt tops and some other scrap uses?

Quilt by Ursula Kern - as soon as all my "have-to" projects are done, I'm making one of these for myself.  i love this pattern!:

crazy mom quilts:

String pieced half square triangles - another great scrap quilt!:

Scrappy rainbow quilt Shared by JOIN US Sept 2014! #nwqe #quilting:

I am soooo making this!  Might start it today!  Great scrap quilt and tutorial:

Saving sewing scraps for a rainy day? Check out this brilliant tutorial for making your own scrap fabric twine!

scrap happy pillow (with tutorial link) | crazy mom quilts | Bloglovin’:

one hour basket - looks like a good way to use up scraps I can't bear to part with:

It had been a while since I last pinned vintage sewing machines, but apparently they are popular pins.  I now have 170 pins on my "vintage, machines" board.  Here are a few examples...

Nickel over cast iron F.W. Muller No. 6 Ladies' Sewing Machine - probably marketed as a boudoir or travel machine:

vintage photography sideshow | THE TABITHA SEWING MACHINE 1886-1890 - SEWING4EVERYONE:

pretty little pink sewing machine:

❤✄◡ً✄❤ In common with Hurtu's range of machines, the attractive styling and decoration of this treadle head is unquestionable. -

After Pilbeam's patent, this particular Alexandra Lockstitch machine features a highly unusual cast iron support, which also facilitates the crank handle. The machine was manufactured in the UK and dates from the 1860s.:


jenclair said...

I love all the rainbow colors in these quilts! And just look at those vintage sewing machines--better than hand sewing, but not by much. :)

Terri said...

Love your scrap quilts. You have some very inventive designs. I especially like the rainbow one. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment.

Kaja said...

I have loads of scraps, but I tried the RSC this year and after a couple of months had to admit that there are too many colours of which I have almost nothing. You can use your scraps for improv play.