Thursday, August 4, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things...

Remember that catchy, positive, very happy song from The Sound of Music? Julie Andrews sang it in the movie. 

More recently Lorrie Morgan recorded it on a Christmas album. It's my favorite version and also the one I heard earlier, which got me to thinking. Here's the video:

And my list, in alpha order, because that's how I roll. Likely there are some missing favorites, but most of the important ones and a few silly ones are here.

Catholicism. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. In my mind being Catholic is the way to live and die. Gratefully, I am a cradle Catholic. (My parents made it easy.)

comfortable tees and shorts

Cotton and Candy and Little Little. Our puppies. Spoiled yappers they are. Sweet and funny. Cranky old man Cotton--not so much, but he makes up for it by keeping my feet warm. 

Hello, diet Dr. Pepper. It's the one drink I really, really like the taste of. I also like sweet tea (I am from the South) and I drink water but not necessarily because I like the taste.

favorite jeans in winter. They're too hot for Louisiana summers.

French speaking Cajuns. I love to eavesdrop (I know!) on French conversations and listen to the cadence and rhythm, pick out the words and meanings. 

fruit and veggies. Any of 'em. All of 'em. Freshly cooked. Raw. Canned. Frozen. Doesn't matter. Still like 'em.

the grands. Playing kisses or giggles. Snuggling. Talking. Hugging. All seven of the little (and big) stinkers! 

reading. books. magazines. long descriptive sentences. words. reading and rereading parts of my favorite books. words and words and words. all jumbled and jammed together and filling pages and paragraphs and books. books. yeah, books.

parents of the grands. I birthed half of them and they did give me the grands.

Richard. First. Last. Always. Forever.

sewing and quilting. Whether it's making summer shorts for the grands or repairing something for a friend, I am all in! And quilting? All of it, from choosing the fabric to sewing on the binding and label and everything in between. 

school breaks. Who doesn't?

sisters. All seven. Angie, Courtney, Laura, Sid, Reese, Lee, Jeanne. What a wild childhood we had. Filled with lots of love from lots of sisters. (No, no brothers.)

teaching. Teaching English. Not grading papers so much. Getting to know students. Seeing that "light bulb" moment of understanding. Explaining a concept five different ways. The challenge of figuring out that one kid that no one gets. 

walking on vacation. Even though I'm sadly out of shape, we walk a great deal on vacation. We bike. We climb steps, slowly. We hold hands and walk on the edge of lakes, streams, oceans.  

What are your favorite things? Do you have a list? 


Erika said...

My kids, my husband, lying in bed at night knowing everyone is warm and asleep and tucked into bed, reading, cooking with the kids, seeing them wear something I made for them, making things for the kids, making things for me, Ferrero-Rocher, snuggling with my husband after the kids are in bed, so many things!

Sandra Walker said...

Oh Mary your list makes me smile and of at many of the favourites we have in common: READING!!! Words words words. I too was an English (and French!!!) teacher for my 30-year career (minus a few for staying home with my girls). My husband. Walking by any body of water. Grandson. Sewing and quilting oh yeah. Yoga. (You know that right?!) veggies yum. Tea. Red wine. :-)Great post.

Sandra Walker said...

Should be smile and nod at!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh, simply knowing that everyone is safe, happy and healthy. Good call, Erika! Ferrero-Rocher--yum! Our favorite!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Hmm, should I say it? I actually taught French several times. I'm not qualified; I just know a few words and was willing to learn. I had to call my mom a few times for help. The kids loved that! I'd put her on speaker and she'd pronounce words for us. Goodness I miss her. Thanks for reminding me of that. PS I like that yoga pose!

Kaja said...

Great post! I'm with you on the reading and would add family, sewing, swimming, being outside generally (and honestly almost anywhere will do), watching sport, food, learning new stuff. Seven sisters - must have been a blast!

jenclair said...

What a great list of favorite things!