Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: F I S H

First some fish to inspire you...

Pink Betta find out more about these lovely fish on

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish! We had a couple of these in the tank at Islamorada Fish Company! <3:

lightning maroon clownfish - I want to see this one and record it on my life list of underwater wonders: - Archived Auction # fwbettashm1400863102 - BIG EARS SUPER WHITE HM MALE 02 - Ended: Fri May 23 11:38:22 2014: Not from the reef. These are beautiful freshwater fish. they are very hard to keep in an aquarium... Discus fish - ©Roberto Cortes:

Regal Tang

koi fish by Terry Gilecki: Under Tropic Skies by Terry Gilecki:

Icon-Star or Double-Star (Iconaster longimanus)

<a href="http://UpCycle.Club" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">UpCycle.Club</a> UpCycle Art & Life <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23HistoryProject" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23HistoryProject&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#HistoryProject search Pinterest">#HistoryProject</a> presents a mere Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23UpCycleART" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23UpCycleART&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#UpCycleART search Pinterest">#UpCycleART</a> <a href="/upcycleclub/" title="UpCycle.Club">@UpCycle.Club</a>babies; This is kind of weird but I like it because I'm a science/life nerd like that

To eat Fugu, poison fish !    Japanese Fugu (pufferfish). These fish are prepared by a master Chef who has studied how to prepare the fugu for 11 years. The liver is very toxic. Not everyone is licensed to serve because fugu is very toxic & there have been many deaths from eating fugu.

Once inspired--make a quilt!

This quilt just makes me giggle.  Must be the fish blowing bubbles!  It looks like it would be fairly easy to do.:

#Be*mused went to the Tokyo Quilt Festival, a longtime dream.  She promises a whole flickr album, but here is a teaser.:

My Quilt Diary: The Gala quilt is done! posted by Julie Fukuda:
ad2b7ebac37926f021713fe13bbe075e.jpg 500×500 pixels:
Swimmies! Fish Quilt by Lisa Boyer by dorkyquilts, via Flickr:

Danny Amazonas art quilt xxx:

Under the Sea quilt idea for my soon to be niece...who lives on the is a scuba diver:

" The Pond at Greenberry" art quilt by Nancy Laffin Based on techniques in 'Diamond Landscapes and Beyond' by Jan Krentz.:

McKenna Ryan Quilt Patterns | McKenna Ryan "Calling Me Home" Early Riser (Block 4) Salmon Fish Trout ...

Seascape I art quilt by Marjan Kluepfel:

Little Fishies Quilt by wholecircle - Craftsy

MOTAWI koi tile orange aqua teal turquoise:


jenclair said...

Beautiful fish, beautiful quilts!

Preeti Harris said...

Love the fishy post...So much color and so much inspiration. What a joyful post, Mary.

Kaja said...

I love that starfish - right there I can see the beginnings of a quilt.