Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pin It Weekly #168

dogs: weimaraner pups

Wimies!!!!: My pinning has been lacking lately. We're back in school and, goodness, it's kicking my backside! I'm already swimming in papers to grade and we're starting our first essay tomorrow.  But I'm not complaining or whining. Well, not much. 

So, as I have been doing, I'm going to introduce you to other pinners and their boards. Luckily, several of you have mentioned that you enjoy these posts. Thanks for the notes.

Carmen Urra, has over 2,000 pins on her 10 boards, one of which, "perritos," is all about puppies.

Sandra Samiento Musalan is another pinner with lots of pins--over 6,000! You may want to follow one of her 18 boards. Look at these Christmas pins...aren't they just adorable?  She has lots of idea and patterns to share. Definitely check out her Pinterest!

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a> | Noel e os Ratinhos. | Corpo de madeira, cabeça e braço de tecido. Mede 75 cm.N:

pine wreath

These brilliant "outdoor fun projects" and "beachy" boards by Cynthia Holmes are just two of 19 that she has on her Pinterest. 

Succulent Garden Ideas:

How to make a sparkling bead wind chime with bells! I’ll admit I’m a bit of a craft supply hoarder and have accumulated a massive amount of beautiful beads over the years but have barely used them. This project is the perfect excuse to get out my bead supply and make something I’ll enjoy seeing out my window every day.:

California Friendly works of art! Driftwood and various succulents...

diy-driftwood-seashell-wrea.jpg (620×659):

These last ones are from Martie Nutuschil's board, "Time and Tide Wait for No One." She's a pinner extraordinaire with over 79,000 pins and 345 boards! Yes, I keyed that correctly!

Fallen cities: how artists have captured ruins, from Kabul to Rome – in pictures:

An old, abandoned general store in Carrollton, Georgia, not far from where I live. I love the rust and the faded Coke sign. A beautiful picture of happier days in my beloved South.

Old abandoned farm house.:

This last board reminds me of my "forsaken, heritage" board which contains many buildings, places, and objects forgotten by everything but time.  In fact I recognized a few of the pins. I think I'll have to revisit this board and pick up a couple of pins.

Thanks for visiting and a special thanks to my followers. I hope you enjoyed meeting a few pinners.

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