Thursday, September 1, 2016

So where is that worktable?

I walked into the studio and saw this! What a mess! Before I could possible throw that huge quilt on the worktable to trim the edges, I had to clean a space. How embarrassing.

I started this afternoon. I really didn't feel like cleaning, so I dealt with a few small projects that were piled in one corner. I made these small pincushions a few weekends ago but didn't get around to filling and closing them. Mark them off the to do list. 

They are cute as can be. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but I'll find some way. One is stuffed with fiberfill and the other two larger ones are stuffed with walnut shavings, sold at pet stores as bedding material for birds.

Image result for bird walnut shavingsI have another pincushion somewhere around the place that is filled with sand. I'm hoping that I'll find it somewhere on the worktable, but it could be in the camper since that is where I made all of them.

Here are a some closeups of the three I did find and completed. 

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you and yours are safe and dry where ever you are. 

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Karen S said...

Great to see the pin cushions finished, but have you cleaned the table yet?