Tuesday, September 6, 2016

July (oops) and August Stash Reports

I am ashamed of myself for not reporting on my stash usage and purchases for July. I can only say that something must have really done me in.  Sorry about that oversight. I have decided to report once for both July and August. I don't think I made any purchases in July, but anh. Who knows? 

In Vicksburg I bought lots of fat quarters with text on them. I counted 18 pieces total, but I'm going to say five yards just to be on the safe side of things. 

Stash Report for July/August 2016
Additions and
Projects from stash
Projects in Progress
Used this month:
That Big Chevron (18)
two scrap quilts
Added this month:
various small items (1)
Quilty 365
Used in 2016:
Pretty Maids all in a Row (3)
pink tumbler quilts
Added in 2016:
Moda Noteworthy quilt

I should make more king-size quilts. "That Big Chevron" used up 18 yards of fabric! The small items that I've been making are more difficult to keep up with: shorts, a few bags, etc. I'm reporting two yards, but it's higher than that. I'm just too tired to do math, so I'll take the hit. haha! Dusti's sun visors and bag are a wash since she bought the fabric and there is very little left to put on the shelf. 

And there you have it. How is your stash looking?

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Kaja said...

I'm not brave enough to keep track in this way!