Saturday, September 3, 2016

Can't Escape this Ford Redo

A couple of weeks ago our son and granddaughter showed up at some crazy hour begging for help with a project. Truthfully, Dusti was begging; Will was actually helping. They had updated her little Ford Escape's door panels by recovering them in a dramatic canvas print in light peach and navy. 

My job was to recover the sun visors. An hour or so later they left with the recovered visors in hand, ready for Will to put back into place. 

The extra canvas fabric was left here with a hint from Dusti that she'd love a trash bin "or something." It's one of the small projects that I intended to finish while clearing up the worktable. 

Thinking that she would want to use the bag to organize "stuff," I put a pocket on the front. It's intentionally off-center so it will be easy to reach from the driver's side. The strap attached to the back has a Velcro closure so she can hang it on the back of the passenger seat. I didn't have a measure for the head rest, so I'm hoping the Velcro will afford a little wiggle room for fitting.

I also added two large zip ties to the inside of the top casing. They are zipped together to form a circle and are stiff enough to hold the bag open so that stowing (or tossing) things in the bag will be easy. 

I guess it's safe to say that she appreciates all the little projects 
to dress up her little Escape. Certainly these projects make it a 
girly-girl car.

Since I got busy a little earlier than usual today, there was enough time to finish Dusti's project and still get to that huge quilt that demanded a big clean space on the worktable. 

And here's a sneak peek of "That Big Chevron" that I finished today. I'll write the story on Monday, so come back to see the finished quilt and read all about it. See you then. 

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Kaja said...

That bag is a great idea - every car should have one!

Karen S said...

Great idea with the trash bag!