Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adam and Jenny and Marley, oh my!

A couple of days ago I mentioned that my life is "up-side-down-and-out." Well, indeed, it is! We've been busy moving the middle son, daughter-in-law, and their 6-year-old into our house. It's been bad, really. Their house flooded. Just when everyone else seems to be leveling off after the recent floods in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, we got a torrential rain. 

The run-off had no where to go, so it ran through Adam and Jenny's property and flooded the house. Everyone was away, so they are all safe, but the house...oh, the house!

One of her versatile costumes
To make matters worse, they were packing for a long-awaited Disney vacation. Perhaps they were not totally aware that the water was still in the walls and floors, where it stayed while they enjoyed Disney. 

It stands to reason, that when you leave a mess, you come home to a mess. But their mess continued to fester and multiply. The floors are soft, the walls are rotting and there's mold everywhere.  

I don't want to get all into their business but so I won't mention insurance, FEMA, Servpro, or a demolition company. 

I am going to say Richard and I are grateful to have a modest home that can accommodate them, and her parents are helping with childcare, so we are actually doing okay. I don't want to think of their having to live in a small camper or paying rent on another place.  They have enough worry. 

So our lives have changed drastically, but we are happy to be able to help the kids. And we are enjoying our little red-head!

On a side note: our stinker baked a cake (with Jen handling the oven) and decorated it with sparse purple icing and sprinkles to celebrate LSU's win. All this, of course, before the game was at half-time. Between taking orders--big or small piece, ice cream, spoon or fork--and tending to dessert, she cheered her team on. 

I need to tell you about our church fair last weekend and hope to get to that soon, now that I've found my equilibrium. But first I should get to Sunday Quilt Inspiration, so I'll see you for that tomorrow...


fatcat said...

I'm so sorry about your son and daughter in law's home. It will be a rough road getting all the paperwork, red tape and rebuilding done. Meanwhile, at least you get some wonderful time with them. It's not what anyone planned, but you might as well make lemonade out of lemons. I am sure your granddaughter will soak up all this attention and make some wonderful memories while with you.

Karen S said...

Sorry to read the news about their home. What a shame. But how lovely that you are able to help out. We are having a lot of trouble with flooding in some areas of our state at the moment, and unfortunately have more rain on the way. We are no in the affected ares but will still watch closely.
I wish your family all the best.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ladies. You're right it's not in anyone's plan, but we are making the most of the situation. The kids joke about being in their mid-30's and living with parents. We are liking that they are clean freaks. :) The hardest part is knowing that they've lost everything, but they've begun working on a plan for rebuilding their lives. Of course, we are supportive but somehow we are managing to let them problem-solve the situation and haven't given much "advice." Frankly, I'm impressed at how well we're doing on that front.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I forgot to mention the stinker: Marley is having a blast. She gets Poppa's doting attention, Gramay's homework help, and mom and dad! She is definitely soaking up family love.