Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C I R C L E S

Los Campos de Piedras de Giuseppe Randazzo « Cultura Colectiva:

Since I finished "That Big Chevron" quilt (photos coming tomorrow), I figure I can start a new project. Then I remembered those poor circle blocks that have been patiently waiting for their turn. I haven't added to the pile since May, so it's probably time to do something.

Sort of Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy, $25.00:

I started putting them together this afternoon. Although I've started, I need some inspiration. I want it to have a modern feel with some negative space.  Hopefully Pinterest will present something interesting. Let's see!

Circular surface design patterns for silkscreen Hola Amiga pillows / cushions by Nate Williams
Line Circle-box Overlay

#Study at home with our  online art college #Graphic #Design

Circles painted with fingers!  Painted Circles Tutorial From:  Me, With My Head in the Clouds::

Kandinsky - several circles I love Kandinsky. Don't remember this one.:

Colorful pattern so gorgeous #Smilemakerscollection:

watercolour circles                                                                                                                                                      More: HUE puts a name on specific pure colors on the color wheel, such as the primaries - red, blue, and yellow.  Goethe's Color Wheel - 1809.

And so the quilts...

This reminds me of the quilt I made at the Nancy Crow retreat.

Okay, I loooovin' this quilt!  How about big Kaffe Fassett, etc prints on b/w???

Piece N Quilt: free tutorials. This could work with the prints I bought for Sophie's quilt, on a white ground.:

lovely circle quilt. someday i will attempt shapes other than squares and triangles!:

LOVE! I want this for Carley's room!! I got a blanket as a baby shower gift and it is still in her room as part of her bedding.

So cool! Love how easy it is to create the circle appliques! Nancy-Zieman-I-See-Spots-QuiltCon:

Circle quilt idea....could be fun to make with stars and planets on a black background:

Jen Eskridge, Modern Quilts:

circle quilt and red & white   love the red outline quilting:

Baby Boy Quilt - need to find someone to make this for me out of caden's clothes:

The quilting here is just fantastic! "Circular Edges Mini Quilt" by Faith of Fresh Lemons.:

Circle quilt by ErinT.:

I hope that you're inspired! I know that I have some ideas. Hmm, I wonder which ones I'll use. Since I am working improvisationally, there's no telling what I'm likely to do tomorrow. I can show you one picture of what I did today. It's barely a start, but...

I do have a few chunks sewn. We'll see where things go from here.

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Kaja said...

Well that's generated lots of ideas for me; what a great selection!