Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Working Weekend

Even the kids get involved.
A couple of weekends we worked at the annual church fair. One popular activity at our fair is bingo because we have such good prizes. The local business are very supportive and some of the church members pitch in with additional prizes. Finally, the couple in charge of running the bingo table donate many prizes that Angela purchases throughout the year. 

Prizes run the gamut from week killer to oil to home decor to kitchen appliances and anything else that comes along. . This year I donated a white wall hanging with three fleur de lis designs in navy.

One table of sisters and family playing for prizes.
A few of my sisters showed up to visit, eat and play bingo. There was jambalaya, hamburgers, hot dogs, cracklins, and pulled pork sandwiches along with every type of cake, cup cake and home baked goods that you can imagine. Angie, my older sister generously donated fancy cup cakes and her daughter Stacey brought white chocolate bread pudding. 

After our visit and suppers, they sat at a table to play and I got back to work collecting money, cleaning tables, and calling games. When it was time to play for the wall hanging that I'd donated, my sisters had great fun teasing me about getting one of my quilts for the low price of one dollar. 

Angie and her grandsons showing off their winnings.
 I answered back (on the mic) that "you can pay, you can play, but you can't win." Well, I was wrong when Angie called bingo. She and another lady were in a tie and force to pull a number to determine who would get the quilt. Angie pulled the high number and won the small quilt. She quickly noted that she won it twice.  

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Karen S said...

Looks like a fun time for everyone!! How lovely to have your sister win the prize.
The food sounds delicious!!