Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pin It Weekly #170

Oh my stars! I can't believe that I've missed so much. We've had some family crises and school is crazy and my life is a bit up-side-down-and-out, as a late grandparent would say. 

Stunning quilt by @abbythingsforboys quilted by @freebirdquiltingdesigns using…:
I should be upfront with you and admit that I've been neglecting more than just this blog: I've been neglecting Pinterest, email, and all of my blogland friends. And I've missed my studio and sewing machines! 

String quilt:

What have I been doing? Well, not sewing or quilting, that's for certain. But we'll talk about that another day. Right now we need to get pinning!  Tonight it's all about scrappy. Scrappy. Scrappy!

Scrappy rectangles:

THIS one inspires me to try a postage stamp quilt.:

Batik Quilt - Colorful Quilt - Spring Quilt - Bohemian Quilt - Multi Color Quilt - Batik Fabric - Custom Quilt - Full Quilt - Keepsake Quilt

hexagon blocks are made using just one diamond shaped template to cut fabric pieces.  Most  fabrics were carefully fussy-cut to create a repeat pattern in the center star.  The quilt top is entirely hand pieced.:

Scrappy japanese x-block quilt:

Scrappy string Star Quilt:

Cool String Quilt:

Wow...string quilt?:

Patty Simmons strip improv:

mum likes it but in a bigger version of the pattern:

Have you been using any of those scraps? You know the ones. They tend to multiply overnight without anyone even being there. Those scraps. Have you been sewing with those scraps? What have you been making lately?


Karen S said...

Sometimes it is good to escape all that is happening a home and disappear into the world of Pinterest!
Hope everything has now settled down for you.

Kaja said...

A great scrappy selection. I hope your family crises are resolved and that everything is okay.